Terms and Conditions

A few FAQs.

Q: Is this facility free?

A: Yes. However, we suggest a donation of $100 per day for a family of 6. 2 adults and 4 children. Not required.

Q: Why make a donation?

A: We are non-profit 501(c)3 organization without any paid staff. We support our ministry with the donations received. As you can see this is a beautiful house fully furnished and available to any pastor from any denomination. It takes lots of funds to keep it up and make it available. Your help is very much appreciated.

Q: Can we bring our friends, parents or others since you have 16 beds available in the house?

A: No. It is meant only for pastors and their families to help them renew themselves. The suggested donation is to help us continue to this ministry. You may bring others if you so choose, but then there will be a fee of $450 per day regardless of the number of people in your group up to 16.

Q: What should we bring when we come?

A: Bring toiletries for yourself and your family. We will provide towels and sheets. We also provide a laundry facility. We have a kitchen with all that you need to cook with. Bring your own food and drinks. Tap water is drinkable. If you need other drinks, please bring them and empty the fridge when you leave.

Q: Is there a chapel nearby?

A: Yes. At the House Of Blessings, half a block from the House you will be staying. It is open 24/7 and so is the library. As long as no other groups are using the facility, you are welcome to use the chapel and the library anytime and also enjoy the view from the deck.

Q: How far is this house from downtown Eureka Springs?

A: We are 8 miles from downtown Eureka Springs. We are on the top of the MORE mountain with a beautiful view of the sunrise.

Q: What is the catch?

A: No catch. Simply ministry to support ministers who serve the Lord and God’s people.

Q: Why take a non-refundable donation if you do not show up?

A: We have this space blocked off from other people when you reserve this space. To support our ministry and to serve those in need we need to have motivated and committed ministers using our space. To help ministers committed to their vacation time, we suggest a non-refundable donation. Thank you for understanding.

Call now to find available dates and then register. 479-253-7379